Mountain bike treks

Ovifat is the mountain bike region par excellence, whether you are a beginner or on top form.  The region offers a vast network of cyclable routes which will take you to some picturesque places you have never been. All paths are well marked. Whether you are looking for a challenge or just a pleasant ride with your family, the region invites you to explore routes along rivers, mountain bike paths for families, routes on the old railway lines (RAVELs)

At Domaine des Hautes Fagnes, you can hire mountain bikes and E-bikes (electric bicycles) – on request

Un vélo électrique (e-bike) est un vélo classique équipé d'un moteur électrique et d'une batterie rechargeable. Contrairement aux autres véhicules électriques, les scooters par exemple, la batterie envoie son énergie au moteur pour amplifier le mouvement du pédalier. Donc, plus vous pédalez, plus le moteur est sollicité. Résultat: on fait du sport, mais sans être épuisé.

An electric bike (e-bike) is a normal bicycle fitted with an electric motor and a rechargeable battery. Unlike other electric vehicles, scooters for example, the battery sends its energy to the motor to amplify the movement of the bottom bracket. So, the faster you pedal, the more the motor comes into play. Result: you do some sport, but don't get exhausted.

Recently, cyclable tracks along old railway lines known as "RAVELs”  have become increasingly popular, especially in this region with its steep relief.   The advantages are obvious: where you would expect difficult ascents and descents, the old railway lines, transformed into cycle tracks, come as a pleasant surprise. They will take you under hills through tunnels and  along valleys and over viaducts. This will cost you not a single drop of sweat as the slopes are negligible (under 3%). This is the charm of the RAVELs, along with the fact that they are extremely safe, being far from any roads and cross beautiful countryside, passing close to various sites and café terraces that invite you to take a break.