Trekking in Belgium

The Domaine des Hautes Fagnes is located in the Eastern Cantons, at the heart of the "Ardennes-Eiffel" cultural landscape. This is a paradise for trekkers: the landscape is varied, the environment is unspoilt, the flora and fauna are exceptional, as is the cultural history.

In Ovifat, you are never far from a footpath or a forest track.  This is one of the most beautiful regions for trekking in Belgium, with superb views over the lovely countryside.

At the Domaine des Hautes Fagnes starting point, trekkers will receive maps detailing marked routes (€ 2.00) on which they can explore the Hautes Fagnes natural parks, the surrounding forests, the Bayehon waterfall, the Warche valley with the  Château de Reinhardstein, or the Robertville Dam and Lake.

For groups, we can organise guided walks, reserving a qualified guide for you, who will take you on an educational walk of approximately 2 hours and give you detailed insights into the flora and fauna and the local history.

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